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Welcome to StickyLipsWaxBurner.com

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The advent of efficient, affordable, pocket sized oil vaporizers has brought a before unimagined era of convenience to the smoking culture?? PORTABILITY! And the Sticky Lips Wax Burner at only $60.95 Plus Shipping is the epitome of that convenience for your essential oils and waxes. 

This beautiful piece of machinery is hiding a plethora of high tech, high powered vaporization innovations underneath its sleek, unassuming matte black exterior. From the distance of just a few feet, even the trained eye would be hard pressed to discern the Sticky Lips Wax Vaporizer/Atomizer from an ordinary ecigarette, tube of breath spray, lip stick, or just a black marker who’s cap you just happen to be idly teething.

Unlike traditional vaporizers that utilize ground up herb, this little darling atomizes dabs of concentrated wax and oil. Frankly, Vaping herb is old news. It’s been done. Vaporizer/Atomizers for wax and essential oils are the wave of the future. Not only to they burn cleaner, resulting in less unintentionally scorched plant matter being drawn into your lungs, but the incredible potency of just a dab of the highly concentrated wax or oil means that less space is needed internally. This results in a lighter, more compact design that can fit easily into a purse, pocket, or even the palm of your hand.

The Sticky Lips Wax Burner Kit INCLUDES

*If color requested is not available, we will send you the color immediately available

Remarkably, despite the diminutive size of the Sticky Lips Wax Burner, it still delivers deep, satisfying hits on par with that of a full sized wax or oil vaporizer/atomizer. And without the hassle of chords, wires, tubes, or even having to wait for the darn thing to heat up! Once you place your dab of concentrated oil or wax into the specially engineered vaporizer/atomizer funnel, designed to deliver maximum smoking efficiency with virtually no waste, you’ll be good to go in seconds! Other brands of vaporizers may try and claim the same thing, but the Sticky Lips Wax Burner is the only one on the market with the acclaimed Airflow Technology. Not only does this technology burn your oils more evenly to that assure that your last puff is just as strong as the first, but it ensures that not one dab of your valuable wax or oil concentrates will be wasted leaking out onto your hands. There’s a reason we didn’t name this thing the Sticky Fingers Wax Burner!

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Keeping up with its staggering number of miraculous innovations, the price of the Sticky Lips Wax Burner is just as extraordinary. Calling this vaporizer cheap is like saying the Stones were alright. For the price of $60.95, they’re practically just giving these vaporizer/atomizers away like candy at a ticker tape parade. The Sticky Lips Wax Burner is one of the cheapest on the market. You could easily spend $120 or more on one of their competitors’ portable oil/wax vaporizer/atomizers but those can be bulky, inefficient, and just plain inconvenient. Not to mention the god awful whirring sound coming from the motor?? which is about as subtle as a trying to sneak in after curfew in a Sherman tank.

 Honestly, if you’re even considering purchasing a portable vaporizer, this is the only option that makes sense. Not only does your order get you the Sticky Lips Unit, but it also includes includes mouthpiece, battery, and atomizer/funnel cartridge, electrical charger, and a USB charger with an extendable self winding cable.

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We make ordering your Sticky Lips Wax Burner easy here at Mint Distribution. To place an order, simply fill in the order form using your CREDIT CARD. Your order will then be sent to us across our secure network. Have any questions? No problem, feel free to contact our 24 Hour Friendly Customer Service!

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